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The Rose Tattoo - The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey


Isaac is thrilled to be returning to The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey for his 6th season, this time as Jack Hunter in Tennessee William's The Rose Tattoo.

The Caretaker - The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

"The company's veteran actors are superb as they perform Pinter's thought provoking play with its ingenious mix of drama and comedy.  The dialogue in The Caretaker, impeccably delivered by the cast, is lively, at times surprising and always captivating...Isaac Hickox-Young portrayal of the empathetic young man, Aston is completely genuine." - Broadway World

"The three actors’ performances are impeccable...Hickox-Young doesn’t come to the fore until the second act, when Aston describes his mental hospital experience in an affecting monologue." -

"A long monologue by Aston (Hickox-Young) — in which he tells Davies how he underwent shock therapy, unwillingly, when he was younger — was heartbreaking and absolutely mesmerizing." -

_DSC9000_Sarah Haley_Sarah Haley_Edit.jpg
_DSC9175_Sarah Haley_Sarah Haley_Edit.jpg

"As Aston, the trusting, rather naïve brother who brings the homeless man home, Isaac Hickox-Young fiddles with an electric plug and dreams about building a shed out of “good wood,” but his one very long speech reveals a past ravaged with mental illness, involuntary hospitalization and electric shock treatments that have left him childlike and unable to maintain his balance. He moves slowly, deliberately and carefully, and even his handsome face bears the effects of his brutal treatment. It’s heartbreaking to watch Hickox-Young’s character wrestle with his inarticulation and isolation." - NJ Arts Maven

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story - The Argyle Theatre

"Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story rocks at The Argyle Theatre!" - Times Square Chronicle


A Child's Christmas in Wales - The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey


"The acting ensemble is outstanding. Led by Isaac Hickox-Young’s exuberant Dylan, they bring the Thomas family to vibrant life." - Out in Jersey

"Isaac Hickox-Young, an adult, is suitably wide-eyed and open-hearted as Dylan Thomas in his boyhood, exulting in familial love on Christmas Day, and he deliveries the famed writer’s poetic reveries eloquently." -

"Isaac Hickox-Young is wonderful as Dylan Thomas, moving smoothly between his character as a young boy, full of high spirits, to the adult looking back with nostalgia of what was but one of many Christmases spent with his large and loving family." - NJ Arts Maven

Comedy of Errors & Snug - The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

"...Isaac Hickox-Young as a humane Solinus makes memorable contributions."


"You'll love the cast of Snug. The players shine bright in their roles and have keen comedic timing." - Broadway World

The Love Doctor & Aria Da Capo - The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

"...'The Love Doctor' is for the most part fun, and a line Clitandre (Hickox-Young) speaks tells why...'I weave a healing web of words to charm the afflicted, a single does begins to restore well-being almost immediately.' 

     That is how this show works on us, as medicine for the play-starved soul."

- Laura Collins-Hughes, NY Times

The Rainmaker - The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

"...Hickox-Young’s wide eyes and earnest vocal tone convey the essence of the dim but big-hearted, girl-crazy Jim, who provides much of the play’s comic relief."

- NJArts

"...Ms. Monte's "Rainmaker," with its shining message of hope in the face of prolonged trial, is just the medicine you need. I'll be surprised if I ever see it done better." - Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

"Isaac Hickox-Young does a top job of portraying the exuberant character of Jim Curry." - Broadway World

Rainmaker 1.jpg

Romeo and Juliet & A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare LIVE!

IHY production photo 6.jpg

Isaac is thrilled to be spending the Spring of 2019 touring two of his favorite Shakespeare plays to Elementary, Middle, and High schools throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and beyond!

Charley's Aunt - Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

"The entire cast shines bright in their roles as they master the fast-moving, hilarious scenes and Brandon Thomas' glib dialogue."

  -Broadway World 


'Integration' Ohio Valley Emmy Winner Long-form Ficiton


'Integration', the spec pilot created by Matt Harris, starring Isaac Hickox-Young, Sarah Durham, Landon Hawkins, and Briley Oakley was awarded the 2018 Ohio Valley Emmy for long-form fiction on August 20th, 2018. 

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